Helping Painters Change the Way They Do Business

Painters often times are so focused on doing their jobs that they fail to stop to see what are the new gadgets that are coming out. The Galaxy is our newest recommendation to help painters with their small businesses. These affordable tablet helps painters engage with their customers in more of a professional manner. When they sit down with their clients, they open up their tablet to their portfolio. From the get go they are presenting their business in live color as they show them their painting portfolio. The vivid pictures are incredible because it gives the homeowner an image of what their home can look like.

After presenting to them their portfolio, they are able to find out the needs of their clients with a simple to use screen that allows a speech to text ability. This allows all of the information to be written down on the tablet so that it better helps with estimates and follow up.

Following the retrieval of information, the painters are then able to walk throughout the house taking pictures of each room. While they are taking the pictures, the tablet automatically sizes up the room so that they will know the square footage of the room. It will also make notes of any repairs that need to be made. While taking pictures it automatically begins writing up an estimate for each room.

Following the walk through, the painter is able to sit down with their customers. There are several things that happen at this moment. After taking all of the pictures of the rooms, they are now able to login to those photos and to begin putting certain colors on the wall so that the client gets a feel for what type of color they might like. Also, they are able to go over every aspect of the proposal. With the proposal brought up, they can walk their clients through each detail of the painting process. You will be able to explain the preparation work, color consultation, the process of painting, and clean up. Finally, will all of these details explained, they are now able to show them the drawn up bid. They can email the bid as well to the client.

This Galaxy tablet allows painters to do so much. We have been getting rave reviews from our clients. One Greeley CO painter said it was the best and easiest thing he does with regard to painting. It truly is unbelievable. We would highly recommend checking out this newest and latest tablet. We know that you business will be more convenient and it will come across as more professional.